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Company Profile

Company Profile

Welcome! We are THE Group Vintage.

Our flagship trading company, was established in the United Arab Emirates in 2003 and engages in the trading of precious metals and other commodities. Since its inception, the company has shown strong growth on the back of consistently good results and has established itself as one of the premier companies within its industry. The current turnover for the company sits well in excess of USD 7 Billion. The company deals primarily in precious metals (gold & silver) in their physical form as well as on exchanges such as the new york commodities and metal exchange, london metal exchange and dubai gold and commodities exchange. The company is also a trading cum clearing member of dubai gold and commodities exchange and an associate member of the london bullion market association. Over the years, the company has also added precious stones, jewelry and base metals to its trading portfolio.

During the course of its journey, Vintage Bullion has developed strong relationships with various global banks such as Standard Chartered, HSBC, Credit Suisse, Citi Bank etc. and the company enjoys credit and trading facilities with most of these banks. The company trades globally and has partners spanning different countries including Switzerland, UK, USA, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Australia. It's headquartered in UAE whilst having a presence in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Our Holdings

Held under Aralia Holidings
and KMA Global Limited

Real Estate

Direct and Indirect Assets across Asia and Europe circa USD 400 million


Global Portfolio of exchange listed ETF's and single name equities circa USD 30 million

Private Equity

Direct holding of equity stakes in Private Companies circa USD 25 million

Fixed Income and Deposits

Global Portfolio of Bonds, Structured Notes and FD'scirca USD 220 million
Our Businesses

Our Businesses

01 Vintage Bullion

Precious Metals Trading

02 The Luxe Getaways

Real Estate Asset Management

03 Vintage Global Developers

Real Estate Development